English Language Level Test


English Language Level Test 


This test is intended as a guide only and give us an idea of your level of proficiency in English grammar, but does not take into account your capabilities as a speaker or previous contact with the language, vocabulary and slang. The guidelines assume no answers were guessed and that you performed the test without any tools or aids. The answers and results will only be displayed to Grow Internationals for educational reasons in planning for your language training and not be shared with any third party.

Copyright - The questions and code in this online test are copyrighted and may not be copied without explicit prior written permission from © Grow Internationals AB.

Mother tongue
The company was ... in 1966.
These books have become much...lately.
Her colleague, ...is Swedish, lives near you in Stockholm.
Did you hear the interview with her...?
My wife sometimes...work before me.
He was later discovered....seriously ill.
It...him that Mabel was usually quiet at the time of the incident.
We ... here since February 2002.

I look forward to ... you on Friday at 5pm.

I go to the cinema three or four times... .
He is a colleague...
They were ... to be alive after the accident.
Negotiators have not yet succeeded ... a win-win outcome
I gave him ... notice.
She became CEO in ... .
She told me all her news but ... of it was very exciting.
We went back ... the same flight.

She hopes to ... you at the meeting next month.

We ... friends.
... Swedes own a summer house.
Did you have any difficulty ... a visa?
If I had the choice, ... working tomorrow.
It was a crisis for ... she was totally unprepared.
There is now ... evidence that the president is mentally ill

You aren’t allowed into the club ... a member.

The meaning of winter in Sweden is ... .