Expat Coaching 

Develop and reach new goals!

Expatriate Transition Coaching will help you coping with the stresses and frustrations of expat life. It can be either personal and / or professional struggles that you encounter during your overseas posting.

We believe in supporting partners and expatriate employees who have often made significant personal and professional compromises in order to accompany their partner overseas. Our coaches will show you how to progress in your personal and professional life, while abroad. We know first-hand the large number of decisions and challenges faced with every move and the potential pitfalls that can lurk around the corner.

Expatriate Transition Coaching aims to develop an action plan to ensure you live the positive international experience, to the fullest. The result – an engaged partner and / or expatriate employee who are genuinely benefiting from the international assignment.

We offer coaching and counseling services for all needs.

Always in English.

Always a complimentary 20 minutes consultation.

Face-to-face or virtual.


Overview of our coaching process


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