HR Services within Global Mobility

Grow Internationals offers support for companies and organizations that employ international talents or have staff on expatriate contracts. Our model is simple but effective - we secure successful international assignments by supporting the assignee and their family members when relocating to Sweden. We focus on the accompanying family and partner's need when it comes to adjusting to a new culture, learning a new language and establishing new social networks. We deliver a full service post-relocation package with extensive coverage for the needs of your international assignees. Our member companies and organizations can be assured that their international assignees with families are well taken care of during their time in Sweden. We make sure we support them along the way and help them grow their language skills, cultural awareness, career and social network.

Language Training

Our Swedish courses are held in small groups where internationals and expats meet new friends and learn together in a fun and inspiring environment. Our courses are both beginners and intermediates.

Cross-Cultural Training

Our cross-cultural workshops introduce newcomers and internationals just recently relocated to Sweden to the country and the culture with the aim of feeling more comfortable in their new home.

Job Coaching

We make sure that the accompanying partner or spouse receives a head start with finding a new job or starting a new career through job coaching and connecting them to recruiters and hiring organizations.

Social & Networking activities

We have a wide arrangements of social and networking activities on a weekly basis for our community, from outdoor and sports activities to professional networking events and after work meetups.

Family Wellbeing

Moving with a family to a new country and home environment is one of the toughest challenges with relocating. We offer a wider range of coaching services for both expat employees and partners. We can support with everything from coping with transition to professional development.

Destination Support

Our Destination Support service is the newcomer's 'best friend' where the expat family can ask all those simple everyday questions about they need in order to pursue their life and feeling confident in their new home.

Take care of your expat by taking care of the family

As a member in our community your international assignees with families will feel at home in Sweden and enjoy their time more.
This means that the employee can allow to fully focus on his or her work without any unnecessary turbulence.


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