Swedish Placement Test A


Welcome to the Swedish Placement Test A

The purpose of this test is to assess your Swedish language level to place you in the right course and level. This is the most basic test meant for beginners. If you master this test you will be able to proceed to the B level test.

The Swedish Placement test A consist of three sections. In the first section you are to choose the right combination of words left out in each sentence. Each alternative can only be used once to fill in the blanks. In the second section you are to construct correct sentences in the right order based on the words given. Finally, in the third section you are to fill in the blanks by completing the sentence with the correct word (one word and no alternatives given).

When you have completed the test remember to press "submit". You will receive an email with your score and level together with suggested next steps.

There is no time limit to do the test, so take your time. Remember that the test and result are for your personal benefit only and cheating will not help you progress in Swedish.

Lycka till!


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