Job Hunting Workshop in Stockholm

370 kr Inc. VAT

Job Hunting Workshop

The job hunting guide for internationals in Sweden

Are you a job-seeking expat and new to Sweden? Have you been searching for a job but now feel lost in the search? Are you running out of motivation and in need of some job hunting guidance? In this workshop we will navigate common job hunting pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Our Job Hunting Workshop will provide you with the understanding and tools you need to pursue your career in Sweden and get insights on how to go about finding a job quicker.
The workshop will cover:

  • Swedish labour market structure and regulations
  • Ways of searching for a job in Sweden
  • How to utilize your skills in the best way for the local market
  • How to stay motivated during a potentially long job hunt

Job Hunting Workshop
Location: Grow Internationals, Torsgatan 26
Date: June 11
Time: 10.00-13.00
Deadline for registrations: June 6