Assessment of Swedish level for group courses

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Welcome to the assessment test for Swedish language training. Your answers will provide us with an understanding on which group to place you in. We kindly ask you to complete two parts. The first part is the Course Expectations Survey where you get the chance to express what kind of language learning you prefer and what you have studied in Swedish up until today. The second part is diagnostic Swedish test that will test your Swedish writing and understanding. The answers you provide are entirely for the purpose of creating the best level and studying environment for you. No information will be shared with a third party. You will receive an email with all questions and correct answers of the second part upon completion.

Part 1. Course Expectations Survey

    This information will help us to set the course program according to your expectations and learning preferences.

    (*) required information

  • Which language skills would you like to improve most? (*)

  • Speaking/ communication skillsReading skillsListening skillsWriting skills

  • What kind of topics would you like to learn about?

  • Order food and drinks at a restaurantReceive and make phone callsBuy items for the homeTalk with doctors, hairdressers, car mechanicGive and accept invitationsAsk for helpRead and write emailsAttend a job interviewWrite reports, briefs and instructionsUse public transportationAsk about directions and placesRead magazines and newspapersWatch TV, film and programsListen to the radioGet information and apply for a jobTalk about hobbiesContact business partners/clients

  • Which learning style do you prefer?

  • ListeningReadingWritingConversationRepeating what you hearGathering information yourselfRole play, gamesMemorizing and repeating conversations/dialogsGrammar exercises

  • Do you prefer to learn from:

  • TV/Films/RadioMusicInternet/websitesGrammar booksMobile phone applicationsComics/literature

  • How would you like to evaluate your progress?

  • By using written testsBy using oral testsBy using listening exercisesBy using homeworkI do not wish to be evaluated

    Part 2. Assessment Swedish Language Level Test


    This test is intended as a guide only and give us an idea of your level of proficiency in Swedish grammar, but does not take into account your capabilities as a speaker or previous contact with the language, vocabulary and slang. The guidelines assume no answers were guessed and that you performed the test without any tools or aids. The answers and results will only be displayed to Grow Internationals for educational reasons and not be shared with any third party.

    Copyright - The questions and code in this online test are copyrighted and may not be copied without explicit prior written permission from © Grow Internationals AB.

    Mother tongue
    Vad heter ... ?
    Hon … på teve.
    Klockan är kvart … tio.
    Jag är gift. Min … heter Anders.
    Jag ska … till Stockholm på måndag.
    Jag skulle … ha en kopp kaffe, tack.
    Det finns två …… i vardagsrummet.
    Thomas, vänta på mig! Jag måste prata med …
    Jag … inte om jordgubbar.
    Jag … till Malmö i måndags.
    Det är en … trädgård.
    Jag har redan … den här boken.
    Min väninna har ljust hår och … ögon.
    Barnet hade mycket kläder på sig … det var ganska kallt ute.
    Jag såg honom igår … mataffären.
    Jag … till jobbet.
    Kan jag hjälpa … med något?
    Jag … igår därför att det var mycket kallt i luften.
    Jag har aldrig varit i Kina, men jag … att det är vackert där.
    Svenskar … midsommar i slutet av juni.
    Vad heter den … sjön i Sverige?
    Vi var i Norge … .
    Hon är … i honom.
    Om man bor i en lägenhet, måste man … hänsyn till sina grannar.
    Jag brukar träna två gånger … veckan.
    Min bror är … än jag.
    Please translate the following sentence from English to Swedish:

    I am going to start the new job in March next year

    Please translate the following sentence from English to Swedish:

    She received a letter from her mum

    Please translate the following sentence from English to Swedish:

    Why do you not answer my question?

    Please translate the following sentence from English to Swedish:

    I go to the ocean to swim