Grow Culture

We know from personal experience what it means to move and adapt to a new environment, both professionally and personally.
Small differences adds up and the sence of being out of place grows.
A cross-cultural understanding in today’s world is crucial for making life abroad easier and more successful.

Big mistakes are easy to avoid, just being aware of the particularities of the local culture and understanding why things appear as they do. At the same time it can be a success factor in business, not stepping on obvious mines and understanding what is really communicated around the table.
We offer cross-cultural training and workshops for organizations with international talents in Sweden, organizations expanding abroad, organizations merging with foreign partners as well as for individuals working in a cross-national context. Our aim is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively supervise and understand multi-cultural staff. We want you to grow culture by growing communication.

We offer intercultural trainings and coaching for all needs

For newly relocated employees

Open workshops

For management and HR

Cross-cultural training in Stockholm

“Welcome to Sweden”
on February 7 at 10.00am

Our Method

Our training methodology is inspiring and interactive. Our coaches and trainers mix intercultural research theory with real-life examples, exercises and practical advice. Our cross-cultural pillars are:

  • Intercultural Awareness 
  • Cultural Intelligence (CQ)  
  • Intercultural Competence 

Our Coaches

We only work with certified, professional and highly experienced culture specialists as coaches. CV:s are availbale on request.