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The main reason why an international assignment fails is due to the fact that one partner has to give up his or her career, at least temporarily. That can be perceived as very challenging and demotivating for the individual, especially when already trying to acclimatise to an entirely new living environment.

On top of that, many internationals experience Sweden as a tough job market due to the language requirements and the rather strict legislation on the market, limiting the matching process of workforce and employers. But there is hope and we know how to navigate the system to grow your career!

We offer personalized career counselling and job search coaching for internationals and their partners. Our experienced job coaches work individually or in small groups to set achievable goals and design a new career path for expats during their stay in Sweden.

Grow Career Program

Are you newly arrived and searching for a job in Sweden? We offer frequent Job Hunting Workshops in small groups for internationals seeking employment or starting their own business in Sweden. The workshops cover topics as, how is the Swedish job market structure and regulations, how does the Swedish job culture function in practice, what ways of searching for a job in Sweden are there, and how do you utilize your skills in the best way for the local market. For more information about our upcoming Job Hunting Workshops be sure to sign up for our newsletter or visit our website.

Career Transition

We offer career transition coaching for internationals that want to change their career path and develop into a new field. You know that the time is right for your next step if you have a job that does not inspire or motivate you anymore. You are perhaps looking for something that gives you more energy. You know that you want a change, but knowing what and how to get there is not easy. Our professional coaches help you make conscious choices and find the confidence to pursue your new career. For more information about Career Transition Coaching contact us at

Individual Coaching

Our professional job coaches are experts in encouraging and finding your own potential for getting that new job och growing your career. We offer individual coaching and mentoring for internationals that would like that extra push to pursue their goals. The individual coaching is entirely tailored to your personal needs and you will meet with the coach as frequent as you like. For more information about individual coaching please contact us with your details at

Our individual job coaching is open online!

We offer coaching for all career purposes

"I am so pleased with Grow’s help. I went from muddle to clarity in a mere 5-session tailored process, through which the coach steadily guided and challenged me with perception, empathy and respect. Her structured and down-to earth approach has allowed me to recalibrate my spinning inner compass and define an energising new direction that, while tremendously motivating, also feels concrete and realistic. She has provided me with a toolkit that I know I will have great use for in the short and long term, which I am truly grateful for."
Maika, from Spain

Grow Career Program Skåne

Job Hunting Workshop, February 4

Are you a job seeking expat and new to Sweden? Do you have a specific job in mind but don't know how to find it? Do you find it hard to motivate yourself and focus your energy?

Then you should join our Job Hunting Workshop, that will provide you with the understanding and tools you need to pursue your career in Sweden and get insights on how to go about to find a job quicker.
The workshop will cover:

  • Swedish labour market structure and regulations
  • Ways of searching for a job in Sweden
  • How to utilize your skills in the best way for the local market
  • How to start a new career or occupation
  • How to stay motivated during a potentially long job hunt

The Job Hunting Workshop is lead by an experienced job coach.

Job Hunting Workshop
Location: Grow Internationals, Sveavägen 98, Stockholm
Date: February 4 2019
Time: 09.45-13.00
Deadline for registrations: February 1

Workshop date passed.

Swedish Business Culture Workshop, February 20

Having problems understanding the signals when working in a Swedish environment? What are the unwritten rules that foreigners should keep in mind while doing business in Sweden? Are you intrigued by the cultural differences and how they shape the work life in Sweden?

Then this is the workshop for you!

Although Sweden represents a generally open culture, where colleagues address each other in a casual way.  there do exist some issues that are best avoided, particularly at the beginning of a job or relationship. Among the many things we will touch upon and navigate through, some examples are:

  • Swedes avoid arguing, especially with visitors. If a discussion appears to be turning into an argument, do not be offended if a Swede abruptly changes the subject.
  • Do not use a lot of superlatives when speaking. The Swedes are opposed to stretching the truth. The marks of rank or status are disliked.
  • Do not get too personal. Topics like family, income and personal background should be avoided before getting ver
  • The ‘lagom’ concept or mentality exists in Swedish business as well. Employees, and many employers, often focus on doing exactly what’s needed and doing it well, rather than doing unnecessary things.

Free for Grow Internationals’ members
Non members 350 SEK (incl. VAT)

Swedish Business Culture Workshop
Location: Grow Internationals, Sveavägen 98, Stockholm
Date: February 20
Time: 09.45-13.00
Deadline for registrations: February 15

Workshop date passed.

CV Writing Skills Workshop, March 11

Are you a job seeker and new to the Swedish job market? Didn't have much luck with your CV and cover letter so far? Want to stand out among all those applications?
This workshop aims to prepare you for the most important step of the job hunting process, the application. You are probably used to write and have a few versions of your CV. But have you adjusted it to Swedish conditions so it satisfies Swedish recruiters?

The CV Training Workshop is an interactive training where you get the understanding of Swedish job market conditions, business culture, how applications are normally perceived and what important factors you need to consider. But above all, you also get the chance to meet your peers and exchange experiences on what had been successful and what has not.

All participants are encouraged to send in their CV prior to the workshop to receive individual (overall, not detailed) feedback on structure and content.

CV Writing Skills Workshop
Location: Grow Internationals, Sveavägen 98, Stockholm
Date: March 11
Time: 09.45-13.00
Deadline for registrations: March 6

Workshop date passed.

LinkedIn for Job Hunters, April 2

Are you searching for a job in Sweden but not getting through to an interview? Are you struggling with reaching new relevant contacts on LinkedIn?

Then this workshop is for you!

This workshop will show you how to create a strong professional brand on LinkedIn, that can also be transferred onto an effective CV for the Swedish job market. You will also learn shortcuts and tips on how to optimise your time in order to reach your career goals.

The workshop is led by Barry O'Brien, who has been working in Sweden for 12 years, is a certified Social Branding Coach, Professional CV writer and guest speaker at Swedish HR events.Read more about Barry here:

LinkedIn for Job Hunters - Branding yourself for the Swedish Job Market, April 2

Location: Online - via Zoom
Date: April 2

Time: 10.00-12.00

Deadline for registrations: April 1

Job Interview Skills Workshop, April 22

Are you a job seeker and new to the Swedish job market? Feeling insecure on how to meet Swedish employers professionally? Not really sure how you should dress? Want to stand out in a Swedish job interview?

Welcome to the Job Interview Skills Workshop where we will help you find the right way of understanding the cultural factors and building your self-confidence for a job interview situation.

The Workshop is designed and aimed for job hunters who want to unveil their passion and skill-set in preparation for an interview. We will help you identify your skills and strengths, learn and create understanding of a persuasive and successful interview and get familarised with Swedish workplace culture and codes.

Job Interview Skills Workshop, April 22

Location: Online - via Zoom
Date: April 22

Time: 10.00-12.00

Deadline for registrations: April 19

We know from experience what it takes to succeed as an international on the Swedish job market!

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