Skåne is well-connected and widely accessible by both private and public transports. We will focus on guiding you through the public transportation system in the Skåne.


Skåne is often praised for its comfortable, efficient and safe transportation with easy access to the European continent and the Copenhagen airport. Skånetrafiken is responsible for all buses, trains, and trams in the region. SJ trains also go through the Skåne region which you can take anywhere in Sweden and even to Denmark. You can travel with Skånetrafiken throughout the County of Skåne (Region Skåne).


To buy a ticket, you can either go to one of the ticket machines located at the station, buy it online or on the Skånetrafiken app, or purchase it from the service desk. They also offer a new system where you can buy a card for 30kr and the tickets automatically transfer onto it so you don’t need a physical paper receipt. Train officials will regularly circulate the train and ask to see your ticket (which is the receipt) so make sure to hold onto it.

For buses you can buy a ticket on the bus, although it is encouraged to buy it beforehand. If you have a contactless debit card you can also use this to buy a ticket on a bus. You will be charged for one single adult ticket. However, you cannot do this on a train and must purchase the ticket before entering the train. For more specifications about buying tickets see here.


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