Welcome Package for Stockholm International School

The PTA at Stockholm International School and Grow Internationals have a close collaboration in the Stockholm expat community to welcome relocated families in the best way. The collaboration gives all newly arrived families to Stockholm International School an excklusive package free of charge of Grow Internationals support for 90 days. The details of the package is outlined below.

The services are available to you and your family after you have received a confirmation and the Welcome e-mail from us.

If you are eligible for the SIS Membership Package, you are welcome to register here.

Support and Services included in the package

  • Destination Support

    Support with day-to-day challenges as:
    • Navigation of Health Care System, Drivers License, Restaurants and Bars, Shopping etc etc.
    • Guidance of recommended suppliers of domestic services and member discounts
  • Social Activities 

    • City Walks
    • Sports (Badminton, Tennis, Golf etc.)
    • Hiking outdoors
    • Museum visits
    • Book Club for Swedish Learners
    • Cooking classes
  • Networking Events

    • Coffee Mornings
    • Career Inspiration Events
    • Celebrating Festive Occasions
    • Cooperation Partner Events
  • Meetups

    • Toddler Play Group
    • After Work Drinks
    • Språkfika – practicing Swedish
    • International Spouse Group
    • International Lunch

Additional Services (not included in the package)

Language Training

We have Swedish language courses for beginners and intermediate, in groups and private lessons tailored for expat families. For detailed schedule about our group courses see our Language Training Section.

Besides Swedish, we also offer private lesson in all major European languages as well as Chinese and Arabic. For details about our private lessons, please contact us at language@growinternationals.com

Cross-Cultural Training

At the start of every semester we offer the workshop “Welcome to Sweden – an introduction to Stockholm” where we guide you trough Swedish customs, traditions, history and cultural codes as well as giving a practical introduction to your new life in Stockholm.

Fore more information about our cross-cultural training contact us at culture@growinternationals.com


Job Coaching

For those who are looking for a job or perhaps starting their new business, the Swedish job market can be perceived as tough and bureaucratic. We offer Job Hunting workshops for guiding you to the job market and we also have job coaches offering individual career and life coaching for those who are looking for a personal motivator. For more information about our workshops and individual coaching contact us at jobhunting@growinternationals.com