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Our individual language training is always entirely customized after you, the learner. We start by assessing your background and goals to understand how to optimize your learning and match you with the best teacher.

Individual lessons is the most efficient way of learning a language. You can decide how long your course should be and when you want to have lessons. You may also reschedule lessons from week to week without any extra cost.

Our teachers are always educated, experienced and native speakers of the language they teach. We guarantee that you will get the best match. If you’re not happy with the outcome we will match you with a new teacher.

We will get you started in no time!


Pick the online course of your choice and customize your lesson package as you like.

We offer 3 different base packages:

  • Small - 10 lessons
  • Medium - 30 lessons
  • Large - 50 lessons
You can always adjust the package by adding additional lessons and course books as you like. 

Want to ask us for advice before getting started? Have a smaller group of people looking to study together?
No probs, just contact us below and we'll reach out to you:

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