Business English Group Course

Our Business English group trainings are currently only held online

The Business English Course cover 5 moduls:

  • General English Skills

    Profefficent vocabulary and understanding

  • Professional English Skills

    How to express yourself in a professional way

  • Presentation Skills

    How to present with confidence in English

  • Communication Skills

    How to communicate via email and phone

  • Sales and Negotiation Skills

    How to sell and negotiate with confidence

General English Skills
Lesson 1-4
Professional English Skills
Lesson 5-8
Presentation Skills
Lesson 9-12
Communication Skills
Lesson 13-16
Sales and Negotiation Skills
Lesson 17-20

Course details

Number of lessons: 20
Minimum level: English Level B1
Start date: May 14
Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursday
Hours: 08.30-10.00 (2 lessons)
Max. participants: 8 people
Location: Torgatan 26, Stockholm
Course Material: Included in the course fee
Course Fee: 6 875 (incl. VAT)
Deadline to register: May 8

*This course requires a minimum of 5 participants


About the course

This course will bring you up to date with the language you need for business and social interactions in English.

We cover a wide rage of topics from Social English to Negotiation skills and at the same time we address the impact of national culture on each topic. We also aim to develop skills in key areas including Presentations, Meetings and Email.

The course provides practice in using the language and expressions needed through a variety of work-related and social situations; this allows participants to apply what they learn in a safe environment. They will also benefit from both peer and trainer feedback throughout the sessions and an end-of-course report will evaluate individual progress made.
Each topic is taught over two 1.5 hour sessions in order to optimise the long term learning process. A workbook with answer key, which has been tailor made for this course will be handed out the beginning of the course. Should you miss a class the workbook provides you with a self-study option

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