Course Expectations Survey for individual English courses

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Welcome to the Course Expectations Survey that will lay the foundation for your English course with us.

Your answers will provide the teacher with a better understanding about your background, goals and learning preferences.

The answers you provide are entirely for the purpose of creating the best level and studying environment for you.
No information will be shared with a third party. You will receive a confirmation email from us upon completion.

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    (*) required information

    What is your estimated English language level today? (A1 - beginner; B1 - Intermediate; C1 - Advanced)

  • Which language skills would you like to improve most? (*)

  • Speaking/ communication skillsgrammarReading skillsListening skillsWriting skills

  • What kind of topics would you like to learn about?

  • Presenting in EnglishReceive and make phone callsWrite official emailsMake official inquiries and requestsContact business partners/clientsNegotiations and discussionsWrite reports, briefs and instructionsLead and manage teamsService and support peopleBusiness terminologyGrammar improvementsImprove pronunciation

  • Which learning style do you prefer?

  • ListeningReadingWritingConversationRepeating what you hearGathering information yourselfRole play, gamesMemorizing and repeating conversations/dialogsGrammar exercises

  • Do you prefer to learn from:

  • Course booksTV/Films/RadioMusicInternet/websitesGrammar booksMobile phone applicationsBooks/literature