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Intercultural Training

We offer customized intercultural training designed to empower organizations operating in international and intercultural environments. We grow intercultural awareness by addressing the specific needs and challenges of managers of international teams, teams with international talents, virtual teams and foreign organizations collaborating with Swedes. 

Our trainings are always interactive and experiential. We firmly believe that impactful learning is achieved through lively discussions, practical case studies and other activities directly addressing your organization’s challenges.

Contact us to discuss your challenges and what is relevant for your organization’s unique situation.

Becoming an Effective International Team


This training is designed to enhance communication efficiency within international teams and provide tools to navigate the challenges of intercultural communication. The aim is to prevent and manage cultural misunderstanding while reinforcing a sense of belonging that promotes engagement. 

Who is this training for?  All organizations with international talent

What will you learn?

  • Gain understanding of how cultural differences influences teamwork 
  • Learn to communicate effectively in your day-to-day intercultural context
  • Create an inclusive working environment 

Be international, communicate effectively!

Managing Intercultural Teams


Manage a culturally diverse team and lift it to its full potential. This training provides understanding of the essentials of intercultural management and how culture shapes management practices. 

Who is this training for? Managers of international teams

What will you learn?

  • Learn best practices to manage international team
  • Align team members towards common business-related goals
  • Increase the performance of culturally diverse teams

Be international, manage cultural diversity!

Succeeding in Virtual Teams


This training is designed for organizations with team members working virtually across the globe. Discover strategies to enhance collaboration and build trust within virtual teams. Bridge the cultural gaps that influence digital teamwork. 

Who is this training for? Teams working digitally

What will you learn:

  • Build trust and collaboration within your virtual team
  • Acquire strategies to bridge cultural gaps in digital settings
  • Develop practical tools for effective virtual communication

Be intercultural, be a successful virtual team!

Working with Swedes as an International


This training provides cultural insights about Swedish workplaces. Create effective collaboration with Swedes and prevent potential challenges to increase your performance with our training.

Who is this training for? Foreign organization working with Swedes

What will you learn?

  • Decode Swedish work culture
  • Develop practical tools for effective work in a Swedish workplace 
  • Bridge cultural gaps

Be international, work skillfully with Swedes!

Don't just take our word for it


"The training helped me understand Swedish values, attitudes, and business culture. Our trainer focused on relevant topics and gave examples which were relatable to me and my colleagues."

- Participant from India

- Global Compensation and Benefits Specialist

I have excellent communication with the management at Grow and always get prompt replies to all my questions and thoughts. We appreciate them as a company and would love to continue our collaboration.



Our coach mentioned some really interesting points and I think having that cultural awareness helps you communicate better and not to take things personally.

- Participant from Ireland

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    Our Method

    Our training methodology is inspiring and interactive. Our experienced coaches mix intercultural research theory and experience through participatory exercises, real-life examples and practical guidance. 

    We grow culture by growing engagement.