Why families struggle after relocation

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Do you hire foreign talent, at your company? How do your expats feel in Sweden? What are your retention rates? And why should you even care?

Most expats see the move to work in Sweden, as a new and exciting opportunity. The quality of this experience and their new life is highly dependent on the quality of the relationships they can build and maintain, here. This is especially true for the accompanying partner.

Sweden is ranked as the most difficult country to make friends, which leads to social isolation for expats, and especially for the accompanying partner and children. This in turn leads to tension, resentment and blame in your expat talents’ personal relationships. Ultimately leading to the inability to focus and perform well, at work. Statistics show this can often lead to expat talent terminating their assignment and leaving Sweden completely. This increase in employee turnover means substantial financial loss for the company, in the end. 

At this breakfast seminar you will acquire inspiration and solutions for tackling this and many of the challenges faced by your international talents. The seminar will be led by Polya Rosin, Grow Internationals coach, who is also an expat and has been living in Sweden for 11 years. Polya works with expats couples, particularly focusing on parents, and will give you practical insight into what most expats and expat couples struggle with and how to overcome them.

“I do not care about the fancy house and all the money my husband gets from this job in Sweden! I would give it all up for a simpler but happier life” 

An accompanying spouse who relocated with the family for a job in Sweden

“I work all day, come home, get the kids ready to sleep. Then we argue with my spouse about our life here in Sweden until well into 3 o’clock in the morning. I get a few hours of sleep and go back to work. And the cycle repeats and it gets harder to do my job and be there for my family” 

Expat working in Sweden

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"Why families struggle after relocation"

What: Breakfast Seminar
When: November 14th
Where: Grow Internationals, Kungsgatan 4, Göteborg
Time: 07:30–09:00
(Breakfast will be served at 07.30, seminar begins at 08.00)
The inspirational seminar is free of charge for HR and Global Mobility professionals, but please register before November 11th to be able to participate. Grow Internationals holds the right to refuse non-invited participants to the seminar. Questions about Grow Internationals seminars and events can be directed to hr@growinternationals.com