Gothenburg is well connected and widely accessible by both private and public transports. We focus on guiding you through how to successfully navigate the public transit system in the Gothenburg region (Västtrafik).


The tram and bus systems are extensive throughout the region, but more people rely on personal means of transportation such as bikes and cars. 

Like other large cities in Sweden, Gothenburg is well equipped with efficient and safe transportation options. Västtrafik is responsible for all trains, buses, trams, and certain ferry lines in the Västra Götaland region which includes Gothenburg and the surrounding areas.

When traveling within the inner city, public transport is often regarded as the fastest and most efficient way to get around town but much of the downtown areas and neighborhoods are very pedestrian friendly as well.


Västtrafik assigns different ticket prices based on which modes of transportation you will be using, how many zones you will travel through, and which municipalities you plan to visit. Most tickets are loaded onto a plastic card called a Västtrafikskort which is vert convenient to use. It is also possible to register your card to be refunded in case it is lost or stolen. Additionally, you can use the system’s mobile app called Västtrafik To Go (available on the App Store and Google Play) to purchase single-use tickets, period tickets, and day tickets electronically. Another mobile app called Reseplaneraren is extremely useful also because it displays efficient ways to travel between stations and gives current updates about delays or vehicle issues. Tickets can also be purchased at Västtrafik offices, kiosks, machines, convenience stores, or through text message. There are many types of tickets available for purchase so it is important to consult the seller or research if you are unsure which is best for you and your journey. Tickets can only be purchased aboard the trams and boats. Tickets for bus travel must be purchased in advance.

Reduced prices are available for those with disability benefits, sickness compensation, or activity compensation. Discounts are also given for university students with a valid student ID card and youth. Senior citizens are typically given a free travel card from their municipality. Children under 7 years old are free as long as they are with an adult chaperone. For children under 20, there are more ticket options including semester passes, low traffic passes, and school passes. For more information about various ticket types and prices, please consult the chart below or Västtrafik’s website at


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