Health Care

Gothenburg’s healthcare system is largely decentralized and financed by a social insurance that provides both citizens and expats access to publicly financed healthcare services. The quality of these services is indeed very high. When it comes to healthcare, the central government, the various county councils and the municipality of Gothenburg share the responsibility. 

There are public and private providers of health care. This system covers inpatient and outpatient hospital care, prescription drugs, primary healthcare, dental care for children and young people, public health and preventive services, disability support and rehabilitation services. In addition, home care, nursing home care, and patient transport support services are also covered under the publicly financed healthcare system. Furthermore, there are certain rulings that make Swedish healthcare system one of the very best in the world. Waiting times for pre-planned care, such as hip-replacement surgery or cataracts, cannot exceed 90-days. This means that if you, as an expat or a Swedish citizen, see a specialist that confirms you require surgery, you will receive proper treatment within 90 days.

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