Registration and payment terms
When you apply for a language course and fulfill the registration form you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation of your registration. If you have chosen invoice as payment option, this confirmation will be accompanied by an invoice in a separate email. It is your responsibility to ensure that all invoice details are correct and authentic. The course fee must be paid latest on the payment due date.

A registration is binding, but may be withdrawn by sending written notification at the latest 7 working days before the start of the course. If the course has started with at least one session, the regulations above are not applicable. If you have chosen invoice as payment option, your spot in a course is only confirmed once the invoice has been paid in full. Before the invoice is paid your spot will be pending.

Cancellation fee
If you already paid the course fee but you decide to resign latest 7 working days before the start of the course you get your full course fee refunded. If you withdraw your application later than 7 working days before the start of the course, a fee of 50% of the total course fee will be charged.
If the course has started you are liable to pay the course fee in full.

If you resign from a course due to long-term difficulties that don’t allow you continuing language training, such as a serious illness supported by a medical certificate, transfer to a new location, unexpected change of job/ study schedule or a similar reason that haven’t been expected to foresee, you will be reimbursed for the unutilized portion of the course fee. Cost of lesson material will not be refunded.

Grow Internationals reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course if there are too few students signed up, less than 5 students. In the case of cancellation of a course you will be entitled to full reimbursement of the course fee you have paid or credited with a full new course at a later date.

If the start of the course is postponed by more than two weeks of the initial start date or the course schedule will be changed completely, you will be entitled to cancel your course application with full reimbursement of the course fee.

Course Literature
Course literature is not covered by the course fee and is therefore provided at an additional cost of 700 SEK (+VAT) unless otherwise stated. The course literature needs to be paid simultaneously with the course fee.

The participant has the right to purchase course literature at their own expense from a provider of their choice or through Grow Internationals. Additional material such as articles, texts, exercises etc. needed during the course will be provided by Grow Internationals at our expense.