Expat Coaching

We know from experience what it means to move to a new country and settle down into a new home environment. There is actually no tougher challenge than to break up with your comfortable home situation, where friends and family are closely and you have a social safety net available. In order to make a successful transition into your new home country and city you need to reestablish your social safety net and feel comfortable with your new surroundings. We focus on exactly these things and our support is tailored to expat families with working or non-working spouses. 

Expatriate Transition Coaching will help you to cope with the stress and frustration of expat life. It can be either personal and / or professional struggles that you encounter during your overseas posting. We believe in supporting partners and expatriate employees who have often made significant personal and professional compromises in order to accompany their partner overseas. Our coaches will show you how to progress in your personal and professional life, while abroad. We know first-hand the large number of decisions and challenges faced with every move and the potential pitfalls that can lurk around the corner. Expatriate Transition Coaching aims to develop an action plan to ensure you live the positive international experience, to the fullest. The result – an engaged partner and / or expatriate employee who are genuinely benefiting from the international assignment.

Our Family Wellbeing Support encompasses workshops and meetups

  • Parenting Abroad

    Having children growing up abroad is a special situation and you will be facing new challenges compared to back home. We focus on this topic by providing workshops with professional coaches and sharing experiences about parenting abroad and setting a good environment for your children. The workshop is also an opportunity to  meet with other expats parents, sharing the same situation and facing similar challenges.

  • Relationships Abroad

    Moving to a new country and environment with your spouse or partner, not matter if you have children or not, will constitute it’s own challenges. We organize workshops and get-togethers with other expats where we have professional psychotherapists and coaches leading an inspiring discussion on a relationship topic that will make you aware and understanding the new challenges posing to an expat relationship. 

  • Celebrating Holidays and Festive Occasions 

    International as well as local holidays are important for families settling in in their new home. We arrange celebrations of Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day and other festive occasions where families can join with their children and enjoy a good time together and at the same time meeting new friends and playmates. 

  • International Children 

    We facilitate meetups and festive events for international children, where you and your whole family can enjoy a good time together with other internationals. Among our reoccurring events is the Toddler Playgroup and Family Picnic. Go to our events calendar to stay updated on the next event.