Swedish for Expats courses 

Small group courses 

Swedish for Expats are Grow Internationals own group courses.

The characteristics of our courses are:

  • Fast-paced learning with intense program

  • Always 24 lessons and 6 weeks courses

  • Very small groups with max 7 people

  • Courses run from A1 to C1 level

  • Possible to join in on any level (provided that requirements are met)

* All Swedish for Expats courses are held at the Grow Internationals office 

Registrations are possible to do directly on this website below if before deadline. After deadline (less than 5 days prior to course start), contact us at chalmers@growinternationals.com for confirmation.

Course fee is 3900kr/participant and course

Course books are 780kr/set of books

(can be ordered in hard copies or digital license)

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Evening Courses

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